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ByDr. Berney

Bruce Cohen and Psychiatric Hegemony

Welcome to The Mental Breakdown and Psychreg Podcast! The presence and prevalence of mental illness are somewhat controversial topics. Are we creating or perpetuating the idea of mental illnesses through our ever increasing expectations and demands? Dr. Bruce Cohen, author of Psychiatric Hegemony: A Marxist Theory of Mental Illness, presents a historical perspective of the ways in which psychiatry have been used and misused as a method of societal control.  You can read more about Dr. Cohen and follow his work on Twitter (@BmzCohen), through his university email (b.cohen@auckland.ac.nz), his academia.edu page (https://auckland.academia.edu/BruceCohen), and at his University of Auckland website (http://www.arts.auckland.ac.nz/people/profile/b-cohen).

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