JAMA Internal Medicine: Exercise Lowers Risk of Cancer

ByDr. Berney

JAMA Internal Medicine: Exercise Lowers Risk of Cancer

Jogging Couple Attributed to Ed Yourdon

Jogging Couple – Attributed to Ed Yourdon

A recent study of over 1.4 million people published in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that exercise may reduce one’s risk of developing as many as 13 different cancers, including esophageal, liver, and lung.

This, of course, adds to the growing body of research emphasizing the importance of an active lifestyle. The study focused on “leisure-time activity,” suggesting activity outside of or in addition to your typical daily activity. And what is really interesting is that they seemed to note that any type of leisure-time activity is beneficial. There was no indication that it had to be X number of minutes per session or X number of times per week. Instead, just engaging in such activity was beneficial!

If you could significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer just by having a leisure-time activity that got you moving a bit, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Read a summary of the article from US News here.

And you can get the original research article here, though you will need to sign up for free with JAMA.

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